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“Courage backed with action makes your dreams come true.” – Mastin Kipp

Do you feel like you have unrealized dreams and potential? Or that you are afraid to step out of what is comfortable and familiar even though it is dissatisfying in some ways? That you could realize your dreams if only you had more time/money/fill in the blank? Have you been stuck in a rut and are ready to break free from those obstacles keeping you from living the life you dream of? Or maybe you feel like something is missing from your life and you are asking the question, “Is this all there is to life? I want so much more!”
It’s not unusual to have these kinds of challenges. In my coaching practice, these are common experiences that I have helped my clients overcome. Often times the things that are most important and deepest inside of you can be seen by someone from the outside. As a coach, I support my clients in designing and achieving the possibility of a better life – whether it’s a vision for their relationships, lifestyles, finances and/or health.
Are you ready to take your life to a new level?
“D’Aun has been my life coach for about 2 months and it is one of the best investments of my life! D’Aun makes you feel like a true friend, listens to you, is so kind and pleasant, and really helps you focus on your core needs to meet your goals. She teaches you how to do regular practices to grow and be successful in anything you need help with. I am blessed to have known her for 21 years. I am more blessed now that she dedicates her time in helping others. I highly recommend D’Aun as a Life Coach!” – Curtis F.

Change Your Life

How Coaching Can Help
“Your dreams won’t kill you. But not following your dreams will slowly kill your Spirit. Face your fears and get back on track with your dream.” - Mastin Kipp
  • Finding and living your passions, values and vision
  • Gaining confidence and self-esteem
  • Getting the relationships you want
  • Thriving during and post divorce
  • Reducing stress and adrenaline addiction
  • Becoming a working parent or an empty nester
  • Managing time and using systems
  • Preparing for retirement

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Coaching Services

How I can help your growth


I will help you to step in to reclaim your power so you can create a new way of being and begin generating results in your life.


Coaching takes place either on the phone or through Skype/Zoom where two or more individuals share a common goal.


In-depth learning on a topic of the group’s choice with the intent to share, grown and learn.